Enhanced Concierge Medicine Services

An optional service offered to a limited number of patients by Dr. Marella with an emphasis on prevention and wellness

Concierge medicine is a membership model of care that puts the patient’s health, and their care needs, at the forefront. The hallmark of this type of care is the unrestricted time the physician spends during every office visit, which is shown to improve health outcomes. In a concierge care model, a physician provides care to only about 20% of the patients typically found in a traditional primary care practice, which is about 2,300.

By seeing far fewer patients, it allows the doctor to; provide proactive personalized care, enhance the relationship with each patient and focus on prevention and wellness in addition to sick care. The many features of a concierge practice include: a relaxing care setting, afterhours direct physician access, same day or next day unhurried appointments, minimal to no wait and a comprehensive annual physical exam. The resulting health benefits from concierge care are numerous.

Membership Benefits + Features

  • An annual comprehensive executive preventive care physical examination including both vision and hearing tests
  • 24 x 7 direct availablity to Dr. Marella via his personal cell phone, including text, video, and patient portal
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • 30-minute standard office visits with minimal or no waiting
  • Unhurried, on time office visits
  • After hours appointments – as needed
  • Complete nutritional assessment
  • Personal trainer – complimentary 1-hour visit, including an assessment
  • Vascular study to assess overall cardiac health
  • Yearly pulmonary study to assess overall lung health
  • A return call within 30 minutes of receiving your message
  • Assistance with appointments with sub-specialists and hospitals – as medically necessary
  • Accompaniment to initial sub-specialist appointment – as medically necessary
  • Oversight visits for hospitalizations at Morristown Medical Center
  • A membership to Allianz – a global medical transportation service
  • Health and wellness educational materials
  • A USB flash drive including your personal health information, annual physical summary and lab reports

For more information or to enroll in the program, please call us. A limited number of memberships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.